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Mobile broadband has come a long way since the mobile data revolution of the last decade, and now with 4G we are on the verge of being able to ask “why have ADSL at all?”

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Many laptops now come with inbuilt sim card slots meaning the traditional mobile broadband dongle is becoming a thing of the past. Sprint will also give you the best advice for your data needs, why pay for another sim card if you can tether, many handsets now also act as mobile hotspots although this does effect battery life substantially.

Perhaps the greatest innovation over recent years has been the release of personal Wi-Fi hot spot devices like the MY-Fi. This unit lets you connect up to 5 devices using the one data sim so you can now connect your laptop, I-Pad, phone and your colleagues laptop through one device when you are on the road, its one sim, so one monthly cost.

You may be looking for data sim’s for information display boards, or for tracking a fleet of vehicles or for enabling smart meters, perhaps you need a fixed IP address on a sim, no matter what you require Sprint will match the solution that best fits your business needs.


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