Want a petabyte of mobile data? That’ll be £8m, please

EE has moved to cater for an anticipated explosion in business traffic on its 4G network by launching what it claims is the world’s first petabyte data bundle.
According to EE, businesses will consume 860% more data by 2016 than they do currently and the new “Super Bundles” are intended to address that demand and offer data-intensive industries an alternative to satellite communications.

The petabyte bundle – one million gigabytes – costs a cool £8m, but according to EE it could save companies that rely on data millions of pounds in the long term.
“Data-intensive industries such as broadcast could benefit from mobile upload speeds in excess of 30Mbps and save millions by using 4G instead of satellite and cable uplinks,” the company claims. “Broadcast companies ordinarily use satellite links to upload video from the field, at considerable cost and with limited service availability.”
“Satellite uplink costs range from £20/GB for data transfer,” it adds. “Super Bundles, costing £8 per gigabyte for a petabyte of data, could save broadcasters as much as £12 million when using that amount of data.”

The mammoth data allowance is in stark contrast to those offered to consumers when EE first launched its 4G services a year ago, when packages started at a paltry 500MB.

The shared bundles are available in 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and 1PB units and EE says the packages offer flexibility to businesses because they have no expiry date, no contract period and new SIMs can be added at any time.



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